Welcome to Altmetric’s Details Page API documentation!

Altmetric does all the heavy lifting involved in extracting, disambiguating and collating mentions of scholarly content online, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

The Details Page API provides you with programmatic access to the metrics data associated with articles, datasets, books and many other research outputs collected by Altmetric.

With technical expertise, you can create your own ways of slicing and viewing our data, which gives you the freedom to complete more complex research, ask more granular questions of our data, and build custom visualizations. The major advantage is that API calls allow for programmatic, automated data flows, so that the data can be called into your own system, and remain current.

The Details Page API focuses on a subset of the data we have about research outputs and mentions. It is a very powerful tool if you have the skills and resources needed to use it.

The Details Page API allows you to find out everything you need to know about an individual research output (identified by DOI, PubMed ID or other scholarly identifier) or a wider range of results when querying using one or more journal ISSNs.

This API works best when you have a list of output identifiers for which you want either the count of mentions Counts Only or the full text of mentions Full Access.